Company Press Press Releases Voices Relaunches Popular “Vox Talk” Podcast to Support and Celebrate the Voice Over Community

Voices Relaunches Popular “Vox Talk” Podcast to Support and Celebrate the Voice Over Community

London, ON | October 27, 2021

Vox Talk, the popular voice over podcast hosted by Voices Co-Founder Stephanie Ciccarelli, is back with new episodes touching on industry news, business tips, technology, and an assortment of voice actor contributions.

With the notable shifts in the freelance economy for both talent and clients, the time for Vox Talk to reemerge was right. After a six-year hiatus, Vox Talk is providing valuable insights that can’t be found anywhere else for those in the voice over industry. Drawing from Voices’ unique position as the leading freelance audio marketplace, Vox Talk offers expertise from both sides of the platform, highlighting both talent and client perspectives.

Podcast cover with Stephanie Ciccarelli inside a speech bubble & the words: Relaunched, Vox Talk with Stephanie Ciccarelli.

“Vox Talk has always been a community unifier. With the relaunch, we’re creating an audio space specifically for those looking to make connections, seek out opportunities, and celebrate wins,” shares Vox Talk host and Voices Co-Founder Stephanie Ciccarelli. “For anyone who is familiar with The Secret Garden, Vox Talk is my ‘bit of earth’—the place to plant seeds, make things grow, and see them come alive. When listeners tune into the podcast, they know they’re going to hear a story that makes them feel inspired and uplifted, because every episode is a reminder that there’s a whole world of people who are rooting for you, supporting you, and happy to share their experiences and expertise to help you.”

Vox Talk shares the incredible stories from the Voices community, provides meaningful updates and industry news, offers business tips, and fosters authentic connection within the voice over community. 

But the Vox Talk experience isn’t over when the episode ends. Listeners are encouraged to continue the conversation in the Voices Community Forum, the hub where voice talent can introduce themselves, interact with other voice over artists, exchange tips, stories, and expertise, and more.

The podcast is nearing its 100th episode, with episode 94 “No Strike in Hollywood, #TheBatman, SOVAS, LA Times, VoicesCON” published this past Friday.

For a complete list of Vox Talk episodes, visit the Vox Talk webpage or listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify.