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Voices Wins a CRM Elite Award

London, ON | September 06, 2007

Voices, the premier destination for people seeking to hire voice actors directly online, was honoured to receive a CRM Elite Award bestowed by CRM Magazine as public acknowledgment of their achievements in customer service and customer relationship management. Officially, Voices was named the winner of a CRM Elite Award in the Small Business category with a sophisticated deployment of

One of a few choice companies, Voices’s CRM Elite Award is a testament to their passionate mission to simplify processes, technology and fully integrate technical aspects of business with customer service complemented by the tender loving care only a team of dedicated and compassionate team of people can provide to their customers. The company’s avid implementation of the web-based customer relationship management platform enables Voices to serve people as well as manage those relationships in one central location, giving them all of the tools they need to maintain the level of service and personal care that Voices provides for users of their website.

Chief Executive Officer of Voices, David Ciccarelli, says, “We couldn’t have done any of this without and the unique opportunities presented to us through our association with their company. On behalf the Voices team, I’d like to extend a special thank you to our wonderful account manager Laura McBride and team members Mentha Benek and Anne Kveta Haack.”

Using, Voices has experienced:

– 100 percent user adoption, resulting in cleaner, more-complete customer data and increasingly streamlined business practices

– ROI from marketing campaigns as high as 1,189 percent

– a 215 percent increase in new sales leads, in only three months

– a 62 percent increase in gross sales.

To learn more about Voices, visit: Read the full story on Yahoo! News

About Voices

Based in London, Canada, Voices provides an online marketplace, facilitating transactions between business clients and voice-over professionals employing a comprehensive suite of web-based services. Clients that have worked at Voices include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader’s Digest, Comcast, Nortel Networks, Bell Canada, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Ford, GM, Jaguar, US Army, the US Government and more.