Company Press Press Releases Trends Predictions for Marketing, Advertising and Voice Over in 2019 Released

Trends Predictions for Marketing, Advertising and Voice Over in 2019 Released

London, ON | December 04, 2018

Voices has released the annual predictions for which vocal trends will dominate in 2019, and what their impact may be on advertising and marketing campaigns.

This year’s report, titled “2019 Future Trends in Marketing, Advertising and Voice Over,” showcases the top trends that Voices is predicting for the next 12 months. These predictions are based on findings from Voices’s vast internal data, as well as survey responses gathered from over 1,700 creative professionals working in diverse industries around the world.
As the largest online global marketplace for voice over actors, Voices is in a unique position to provide insight into data points in the industry, such as vocal trends, evolutions in media production, and how voice over is being leveraged throughout various industries, including marketing, advertising, government, and education.

Some of the key predictions for 2019, found in the full report, include:

  • Female voices and girl/guy-next-door styles will be the most popular voices for the year
  • Gender equality and pay equity in the voice over industry will be achieved by 2020, 5 years earlier than Voices’s 2017 prediction
  • 60% of creatives reveal that they rely on freelancers for creative services more than ever before, indicating a surge in opportunity for freelancers and the gig economy
  • Demand for celebrity voices will decline, with 70% of research participants sharing that they are looking for fewer or none
  • Human voices continue to be preferred over synthetic voices, with 91% of creatives stating that a human voice is more powerful than a computer-generated one

“With daily screen time reaching an average of 6 hours per person per day, it’s evident that advertisers have saturated the eye and are now moving on to the ears. Mass adoption of virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home is ushering in the era of the voice, one that has us speaking and directly engaging with our computers,” says Voices CEO, David Ciccarelli. “Almost every possible industry is affected by ‘voice,’ and this phenomenon is expected to continue into 2019 as we enter an audio-rich world.”

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