Company Press Press Releases The New Remote Audiences And How To Reach Them

The New Remote Audiences And How To Reach Them

London, ON | March 10, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic shaped the future of work and accelerated change in the digital transformation laying the groundwork for a touchless, voice-first world. Businesses rapidly adapted to digital and remote operations, and they now must also adapt the way they present themselves to their customers.

Leading voice provider Voices identifies that as brands compete for attention in the digital economy and set up for touchless customer journeys, freelance talent will be the solution that helps companies adapt.

Speaking to the New Remote Work Audience

The shift to remote work is here to stay. That not only affects internal business operations with an increased demand for eLearning and online training content for employees, but also outreach strategies to all audiences.

The consumption of audio and voice-first content is booming right now. “Weaving your way into the channels through which your audience is engaging with content all day long is a beneficial way to communicate with your target demographic,” says the Voices research.

David Ciccarelli, founder and Chief Executive Officer at Voices, provides an example: “Currently, there are over 18.5 million episodes of podcasts available, and those numbers are climbing daily. We recommend making use of these spaces right now.”

The New Creative Services In Demand

Companies rely on creative freelancers as their teams become leaner and brands compete for attention in the digital economy, the Voices 2021 Annual Trend Report informs. As businesses begin to embrace the new demands of contactless customer journeys, 43% of companies claimed to already have increased their work with freelancers.

With the increasing consumption of video content, voice-driven applications, and voice-based technology, the Voices study found that the greatest demand for freelance work is for services that may not be in the average employee’s skill set, such as acting and voice over production, 58% of which is outsourced to freelancers.

Companies became more comfortable with digital innovation and adoption in 2020, and as long as they see results, they will continue to invest in that transformation, the market research by Voices claims. Ciccarelli says: “This is especially true for investments in the impending digital audio revolution, where voice branding and voice technology will lead the way through a crowded digital advertising space.”

About Voices

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