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Spanish Voices Featured on Voices Voices of the World Week

London, ON | July 16, 2007

It’s no secret that the Spanish market is booming in the United States, particularly the Hispanic market. After several generations of people from Latin America and South America establishing roots as American citizens in the southern states and the west coast of the US predominantly, the time has come for society to recognize the rich contributions, cultural and otherwise, that the Spanish speaking population of North America has introduced, including the beautiful Romance language of Spanish.

While the Spanish language enjoys a major presence on the world stage, people hiring voice talents should be aware of two significantly different dialects, the continental European Spanish which comes from Spain (Castilian or Castellano) and the familiar Latin American Spanish that North Americans are accustomed to that resonates of soft C’s that sound like S’s and other differentiators presented through popular songs similar to Feliz Navidad.

The Spanish spoken in the US is by most accounts the most universally spoken because of its effortless glides and genteel delivery not to mention the exposure it has enjoyed in the Americas. This is the gentle Spanish of Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street, soap operas from Mexico, and the crooning of singers such as Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

Spanish voice over talent Simone Fojgiel, a native of Uruguay now living in the United States, says, “Just consider that Spanish is spoken by almost 400 million people natively. It is the fourth most spoken language by total number of speakers, including native and non-native Spanish speakers, which in total is approximately 500 million. The expansion of Spanish is frankly impressive. It is also the second most widely spoken language in the US.”

According to Simone, a native speaker of Latin American Spanish, the Spanish language is now one of the three most sought after languages in the voice over marketplace, propelled in part by recent studies in the United States indicating that the number of Spanish-dominant and bilingual Hispanics in America will increase by 45% over the next 20 years.

One of the best ways to find a native speaker of Spanish is to conduct a search online or post a job using the Voices web service, home to over 15,000 voice over talents, hundreds of which, both male and female, are native speakers of Spanish located around the world including talent from Spain, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, the United States and Canada.

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