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Podcasting Week Aims to Educate and Inspire Small Business

London, ON | June 18, 2007

Podcasting was once considered only accessible to those who know how to do the nitty gritty of producing podcasts, but now, thanks to the mass adoption of the listening to and subscribing to podcasts, the medium has broken through the early adopter stage and has proven that it is here to stay.

For Podcasting Week, Voices is covering the ins and outs of podcasting on their flagship blog VOX Daily (, including how to find, listen to and subscribe to podcasts as well as the business side of podcast production and making some dough as a podcaster or as the official voice of an independent or corporate podcast.

Over the next five days, readers will learn all about podcasting, including how to consume podcasts and how to produce them. There’s so much to share on this ever evolving topic never mind the sheer number of podcasts that are produced and the growing audiences they continue to enjoy!

The VOX Daily audience will also take a look at how radio and podcasting are similar, at some podcasts grown in their own backyard, and also how to get involved with podcasts as a listener through the magic of podcasting and social media.

It’s amazing just to think of how podcasting and podcasts in general have changed the lives of creative producers, companies, and the people who listen to them. Success stories, interviews and extensive articles on the art of podcasting will tickle the fancy of all people interested in learning more about the fastest growing and most liberating form of consumer generated media.

Readers are cordially invited to stay tuned all week for entertaining, educational and interactive articles on how to podcast and meet some people who are truly iconic in the field.

To learn more about how to Podcast and Podcasting Week, visit: /resources/articles/podcasting

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