Company Press Press Releases Leadership Across a Variety of Industries Acknowledges the Future of Work is Both Remote and Freelance

Leadership Across a Variety of Industries Acknowledges the Future of Work is Both Remote and Freelance

London, ON | December 21, 2021

The results are in: CEOs, Founders, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Editors, and more agree that remote and freelance work are the way of the future, with audio poised to play a significant role in successful marketing strategies in 2022.

Voices, the leading online audio services marketplace, released its 2022 Annual Trends Report earlier this month, noting four major trends as we approach the new year: 

  • Remote work is here to stay
  • Freelance talent is on the rise
  • The benefits of hiring freelancers are clear
  • Audio presents new opportunities for authentic marketing
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Leadership across a vast variety of industries have acknowledged that these four predictions are indeed accurate, offering their own personal examples of utilizing remote work, insights into the advantages of working with freelancers, and the importance of audio-focused marketing strategies in the age of authenticity.

On Remote Work:

“High employee turnover rates will continue to be a trend throughout 2022, but businesses which have a strong foothold on their remote and hybrid work policies will benefit from increased recruitment opportunities. In particular, strong remote leadership and management with a genuinely healthy working culture are of high value to professionals today. 2022 will see the virtual office become firmly solidified as a fixture of normality for businesses across the world.”

    Tina Hawk, Senior Vice President Human Resources, GoodHire

“TBGA has always been 100% remote by design. I founded TBGA almost nine years ago because top talent is often overlooked when life and work are at odds. Our business model requires remote work. Productivity and collaboration do not have to decrease when work happens outside the office. Moreover, remote working can actually improve both.”

Christine Alemany, CEO, TBGA

On Freelancing: 

“Freelancers have made remote work infinitely easier for many companies. We’ve worked with a few clients on video projects that used voice over talent. With everyone working remotely, it’s easier to outsource the creative work and hire voice actors than to get everyone in a central location to do a shoot.”

Mike Funkhouser, CEO, Small Business Mentor

“Freelance work will help relieve employee burnout in the new year. The transition to digital workplaces created new burdens for companies. Many teams struggled to manage their workload while coping with communication hiccups and physical isolation. Freelancers are assets for those looking to share their responsibilities and avoid sacrificing work quality.”

 – Chelsea Cohen, Co-Founder, SoStocked

On Audio in Marketing Strategies:

“It makes perfect sense that audio is being incorporated into brand strategy considering how differently we respond to human voices vs. text on a screen. The sound of a human voice is deeply personal…Hiring freelance voice actors to inject humanity into marketing campaigns only makes sense as we head into a future where consumers are less willing to interact with inauthentic brands.”

Stephen Light, Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer, Nolah Mattress

“When customers hear an actual human voice, the interaction feels natural and easy. It cuts the hassle of reading and gives them a glimpse into the brand effortlessly. More importantly, it saves valuable time and produces a stronger impact on the audience. As we dive into 2022, sonic branding will help businesses create genuine connections with customers, leading to better business growth. 

Scott Spivack, Marketing Director, United Medical Credit

It’s evident that people and business leaders scattered around the world and across an assortment of industries are realizing the ample benefits and opportunities provided by remote and freelance work, specifically highlighting the value audio-first experiences—like podcasts and using skilled voice over actors to pack a human punch—are adding to marketing strategies. 

And it’s not just that these trends are being acknowledged, but rather that they’re being recognized as the way forward as we approach 2022 and the new future of work.

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