Company Press Press Releases Voices Co-Founder Announces the Launch of New Podcast Series, Sound Stories

Voices Co-Founder Announces the Launch of New Podcast Series, Sound Stories

London, ON | March 01, 2017

Stephanie Ciccarelli, an award-winning host and internationally renowned business leader, has launched her newest initiative, called Sound Stories.

Sound Stories is an inspirational new podcast for creative professionals, and is the brainchild of this Canadian entrepreneur and Voice Acting for Dummies author. Each episode, Stephanie is joined by a new industry expert, providing listeners with relevant and entertaining tips and tricks to jumpstart their own creative process. It’s a podcast for creatives, by creatives.

“Sound Stories has opened the door for meaningful, artistic, and actionable conversations,” says Stephanie, who is the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Voices, the largest online voice over marketplace in the world. “This podcast provides a platform to connect its listeners with ideas, inspiration, and personalities that contribute to the creative landscape of their work and personal life.”

Every Thursday, Sound Stories subscribers can hear the often untold stories of industry leaders. Sound Stories educates, equips, and empowers young creatives who are just learning the craft of storytelling, as well as for instructors who are keen to stay on top of trends in storytelling.

“Each episode of Sound Stories speaks to a different facet of the creative process and ultimately, the creative life,” Stephanie shares. “We’re deeply connected to the procurement of talent and realization of dreams. Bridging the gap between the creative and the technical helps fulfill the grander vision that Sound Stories represents.”

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About Voices

Voices is the largest online voice-over marketplace in the world. 200,000 talent from around the globe, speaking over 100 languages and dialects, are connected daily to the job opportunities posted by 200,000 clients. These clients include such brands as Microsoft, Hulu, GoDaddy, and National Geographic.