Company Press Press Releases Voices Makes International Debut en Español For Latin American Market

Voices Makes International Debut en Español For Latin American Market

London, ON | May 02, 2014

Customers of Voices have always enjoyed using the site at any time from anywhere. Now they can do so in Latin American Spanish.

As of today, users speaking Latin America Spanish will be able to search, audition and hire voice-over talent in their native tongue. Likewise, voice actors who prefer to use the Spanish site will be able to feature their talent and audition for voice-over jobs in a way that best suits them. Offering the Voices web service in Spanish will also make it easier for those who speak the language to connect and collaborate on work via the marketplace.

Voices CEO David Ciccarelli chose the Latin American market because of the business opportunities it affords for voice-over work. Ciccarelli shares, “Over the last several years, we’ve embraced a vision of going global, mobile and social. With Voices’s mobile and social presence well established, now is the time to execute on our global strategy. The translation of the Voices site into Latin American Spanish is our first step for making our service more accessible to customers who prefer to do business in a language other than English.”

Voices’s Latin American site already features 1000 Spanish speaking voice-over talent from Mexico and also Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Uruguay.

With a healthy number of Spanish voice-over jobs already coming to their English site, the company anticipates that their Spanish site will help them secure more of the Latin American Spanish voice-over market. Plans are already underway for translating the site into other languages with home bases in specific countries. The Spanish site marks Voices’s bold entry into foreign markets.

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