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Marketer Enthusiasm Runs High for Voices Apps

London, ON | July 19, 2019

Brand Marketers with Voice Apps will Reach 34% Adoption in 2020 and Alexa Leads by a Big Margin Over Google Assistant

Voices, the largest online marketplace for voice over and audio production services in the world, has partnered with, a research company and aggregator of the most important news, commentary, research and analysis of voice technology, to produce a report on marketing and voice technology. The report, which was generated by surveying 300 marketers in North America, illuminates the current status of voice app adoption among leading brands and reveals sentiments about their voice app plans going forward.

”Voice Apps, as a marketing channel, has crossed the chasm of adoption, according to our survey,” said Bret Kinsella, founder, and CEO of “About one-quarter of brands have launched a voice app to date and the figure will climb to over one-third by the end of 2020. Most marketers today are focused on learning the technology and how to best utilize consumer voice assistants as a channel. However, they are tremendously optimistic about voice apps as a means to engage consumers, as well as with the future of voice shopping.”

Highlights of the report include:

– Marketers are under-participating in a very important marketing channel: Despite the fact that 63% of marketers view voice assistants as a very important marketing channel, only 24% had launched an app prior to 2019, and half stated they have no plans to launch an app.
– Mobile phones offer the most exciting placement for voice: Smartphone-based voice assistants rank as the most important channels for marketers to have a voice presence, followed by smart speakers.
– Disproportionate use of the ‘default’ in voice app: Of those who have created a voice app, 74% (or 3 out of 4) have opted to use the default voice. However, of those who opted to hire a voice actor (15% of app creators), ‘creating engagement’ was the top reason for doing so.

“The results of the study demonstrate the immense opportunity in front of marketers and advertisers,” says Voices CEO, David Ciccarelli. “Voice technology has proliferated faster than any other technological advancement today: smart speaker integration into our homes has progressed faster than the adoption mobile phones. Yet, many in the industry are lagging. Now is the time to create a brand voice, or risk being left behind.”

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