Junkluggers Case Study

This radio spot helped Junkluggers stand out from the crowd, without them having to do post-production in-house.

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The Junkluggers is an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional junk removal. The company hauls away items that people no longer want or need and strive to donate and recycle on behalf of these customers, offering a tax deductible receipt for anything donated.

To make their service known to potential new customers, Junkluggers undertook the initiative to create a Pandora radio ad that would highlight the company’s eco-friendly services and bring in new business. 

Before Voices

Before deciding to move forward with such a campaign that required voice-over audio, Junkluggers were doing it all in-house in a real startup, hold-it-together-with-duct-tape-and-glue-kind-of-way.

For example, Catherine Wernquest, Marketing Coordinator for the company, and her team needed to record a greeting for their call center message. The Junkluggers CEO, Josh Cohen, recorded the message with their Call Center Manager to his voicemail, then sent himself the file and uploaded it to the call system. “As one can imagine, the sound quality from a voicemail was far from ideal,” says Catherine. “Not to mention all the takes it took to finally end up with a usable, mediocre-at-best greeting.”

Catherine explains further that when they did other recordings themselves using employees for the voice-overs, everything sounded very stiff. The call center greeting is often the first thing a customer hears when calling the The Junkluggers’ number, so it was important that not only the voice sounded professional and inviting, but also that the quality of the greeting be crisp and clean. 

“We are great at removing your junk, but not so great at recording our own greetings or radio messages.”
Catherine Wernquest, Marketing Coordinator, The Junkluggers


It was when The Junkluggers decided to do a Pandora radio ad that they realized they needed professional help with this project. They immediately signed up for an account with Voices.

Using Voices couldn’t have been easier for The Junkluggers. After they chose their voice artist, they received high-quality files the very next day. The Junkluggers gave the company’s assigned Voices account manager a few notes and then woke up to updated files in their inboxes the very next morning, a big improvement on what was being done before they came to Voices.

“Using professional talent for our Pandora radio ad allowed us to use a soothing female voice to appeal to our target demographic while also standing out from the crowd of male-dominated voices in ads in our industry”
Catherine Wernquest, Marketing Coordinator, The Junkluggers

Top Outcomes

  • Natural sounding talent for a short radio spot
  • Incredible turnaround times from start to finish
  • High quality audio files to stand apart
  • No need to do any audio post-production in house

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