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“I’ve been working with Voices since 2012, and it has been an awesome experience. Every year they expand and grow and bring me new tools and tips for growing my client list and assist in bringing me work.”

Meesah K.

“I feel so well supported by Voices. This company is super professional and it’s such a pleasure to work with these kind people in any sector of this company. I don’t have enough kind words to say about this organization.”

Matthias L.

“Voices is a great place to highlight your talents to clients, and it’s easy to navigate. Whether you have another job, or this is the one you do, there is always an opportunity to respond to.”

Kelly W.

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Voices is Your Source for Business Voice Over Jobs

Voices pairs creative teams with voice talent from all over the world. The world of business voice over jobs includes, but is not limited to, voicing advertising campaigns, explainer videos, and other business content to help brands engage, sell, and expand.

Do you enjoy freedom in your schedule, connecting with the emotions and needs of others, and helping businesses grow their audience? Business voice over jobs on Voices give you the opportunity to enjoy all of those perks and more. Why not get started today by signing up for a free account?

Becoming the Voice of a Brand

Emotions are the gas pedal of marketing. A brand’s voice stirs emotion and moves the audience to action. When you become a voice actor with Voices, you open the door to the potential of becoming the brand voice for a company, and you help build trust and excitement for well-known brands.

Production companies, marketing agencies, brand websites, eLearning companies, radio stations, and audiobook publishers are all organizations that are known for using voice actors in their video and marketing production.

Becoming a voice actor is an excellent way to diversify income streams, gain work experience, and to help a brand succeed. You can use your voice to help a company move from a start-up to a media giant while building up your voice acting portfolio.

The Benefits of Business Voice Acting

Joining the world of business voice acting opens doors. As you start working and booking new projects, you will be working with producers that have the potential to become regular clients.

The voice acting community is full of people that will help you improve your talents and grow your network. By meeting and working with other voice actors, you can add to your repertoire and advance your artistic voice acting skills.

Voice acting gives you the freedom to work on your schedule and from the comfort of your home studio. By joining Voices, you can spend less time cold calling and more time acting.

How to Become a Voice Actor

A great voice is the beginning of a great voice actor, but to fully deliver on those skills as a business voice over actor, you also need to practice and learn from others. Successful voice actors typically have an engaging voice, the ability to carefully enunciate words, and a knack for emotionally connecting with the content they are voicing. After you’ve spent time auditioning and learning your craft, working with a voice over coach is a great way to hone in on your voice over niche and to land more jobs.

In addition to the voice requirements listed above, you should have a quality microphone, a pop filter to remove unwanted sounds, an audio interface to convert your voice into digital files, recording and editing software, and lastly, a quiet place to record your voice.

Voice over projects can include commercials, explainer videos, and more. The top brands and agencies in the marketing industry use voice overs to increase brand engagement, test new forms of audio ads, and create just the right feel for their marketing campaigns. Grow your potential clientele and your business network as a voice actor on Voices.

When you sign up for a Voices account, you’ll gain access to countless opportunities for business voice over jobs. Sign up in seconds, and start responding to jobs today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Audition for business voice over jobs, such as advertisements and explainer videos, and build relationships with your clients.

Explainer videos need to be memorable and easily understood, so the voice over should be conversational, authentic, and clear. 

Business voice over work can include voicing advertising, explainer videos, and other business content to help brands sell, engage, and expand. 

When clients are evaluating voice actors for commercials, they look for a certain demographic, particular voice over qualities, and a voice that stands out in auditions.