Company Press Press Releases Voices Member, Naomi Mercer, Voices “A World Without Linux”

Voices Member, Naomi Mercer, Voices “A World Without Linux”

London, ON | November 23, 2015

Linux, the world’s most ubiquitous operating system running most of today’s technology infrastructure, has recently launched “A World without Linux,” with Voices’s Naomi Mercer as a principal character.

Made up of six vignettes, “A World Without Linux” is a series of satirical, animated scenes that depict what the world would be like if Linux didn’t exist, underlining just how pervasive it is in everything that modern humans rely on, from Google and social media platforms to GPS technology and cinema screens. Naomi was cast as “Annie.”

“They sent me the first script after I submitted an audition, and, unlike most jobs, they let me throw some improv in at the end of the audio file,” says Naomi. “Every time a new script was ready for the next episode, they would just post a new job on Voices and notify me. We went back and forth like this from last November until this October.”

The first two videos were just launched at the end of October 2015, with new episodes being released every couple of weeks until the end of the year.

“Our World Without Linux series would not be the success it is without the talent we’ve worked with through Voices,” said Jennifer Cloer, VP of Communications, The Linux Foundation. “Both Naomi Mercer, who voiced ‘Annie,’ and Maxwell Glick, who voiced ‘Sam,’ brought our characters to life through humor, creativity and some improv that really helped us tell our story in an authentic way.”

The Linux Foundation cast their project on Voices. Linux is the largest collaborative project in computing, and runs most of the world’s technology infrastructure, from the technology in mobile devices to what powers today’s cars. It is free and supported by more developers and companies than any other platform in the world. “

The idea behind Linux being free and open source is something that benefits most people – and creating awareness about that is important to me,” explains Naomi. “If we could create more things on Earth that anyone can contribute to and are free for all, this world could be a better place.”

With nearly 100,000 views in two weeks, the series, “A World Without Linux,” can be found online at

About Naomi Mercer

Naomi Mercer is an actor, voice over talent, host and singer. Real, hip, and droll, but with high energy, Naomi has voiced projects for such high level clients as Sirius XM Radio, PBS, CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Intel, and Electronic Arts.

Naomi can be relied on to create the sounds of anything from Disney characters to aliens to young boys to female soldiers to the darkest of villains. Real and natural, like your friend, Naomi is the voice of the girl next door.

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