Company Press Press Releases Voices First Marketplace to Offer Access to SAG-AFTRA Members and Freelance Talent

Voices First Marketplace to Offer Access to SAG-AFTRA Members and Freelance Talent

London, ON | January 04, 2018

Voices, the largest global online marketplace for voice actors and audio production services, today announced it is adding access to talent agents and their unionized SAG-AFTRA voice actors to the site’s current offering of professional non-union voice actors. 

Since 2005, Voices has been the place where producers and marketers source freelance voice over actors, using the platform to complete a project from start to finish online. The company was founded by a sound engineer and a classically-trained singer and voice actor who saw the need to modernize the process for finding, hiring and working with talent. With the producer user base growing by nearly 45 percent over the past year alone, the ability to now hire SAG-AFTRA voice actors further solidifies the company’s position as the world’s destination for voice over.

With a recent injection of USD $18 million of venture capital from Morgan Stanley, Voices had the opportunity to support customers’ increasing requests for union-represented talent to be added to its existing talent pool of professional freelancers. In August, the company acquired California-based, a site used by producers to hire union voice over actors through their talent agents. Voices and are two of the biggest platforms in the $4.4 billion voice over industry. To ensure that producers, talent agents, and voice actors can benefit from the best of both offerings, on February 1, 2018 and Voices will unite under one brand – Voices.

“With the two platforms coming together, everything a producer may want to complete a voice over project is available on one site, including union or non-union voice actors, access to talent speaking over 100 languages and dialects, curated lists of custom auditions and end-to-end project support,” said David Ciccarelli, CEO of Voices. “For the competitive realities of the modern producer, Voices has become the solution that will see the 100-year-old voice over industry meeting 21st century demands.”

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About Voices
Founded in 2005, Voices is the largest global online marketplace for audio and voice over products and services comprised of nearly half a million business clients and voice actors. Its flagship website,, records approximately two million unique visitors annually and has enabled over 250,000 transactions to date. Headquartered in London, Canada, the company employs more than 100 people and has clients and voice talent in 139 countries.