Company Press Press Releases Voices Releases Interactive UK Accent Map as Demand for British Voice Over Continues to Grow

Voices Releases Interactive UK Accent Map as Demand for British Voice Over Continues to Grow

London, ON | February 15, 2019

 As the largest online marketplace for voice over and audio services in the world, Voices has developed and released an educational interactive map, online quiz, and various videos to show the range of accents in the United Kingdom, as demand on the platform for British voice over experienced a 3-year average growth rate of 12%.

Voices’s recently released celebrity report revealed that the ‘fun foreign intrigue’ voice over was one of the top three archetypes creative professionals were interested in hiring, motivating Voices to create these useful, fun resources for companies seeking a UK flair for their brand voice.

Although there is technically no such thing as any one ‘British accent,’ audiences continue to opt for a ‘general British’ voice over instead of specifying a specific accent. With this, Voices’s aim is to educate on the diversity of dialects by providing audiences with a tool that clearly demonstrates the nuances of the various sounds that make up the United Kingdom. The hope is that if users of the platform are able to hear what a specific regional accent sounds like, they will become informed of the dialects available to best represent their brand or project. This will improve authenticity and overall success.

To accomplish this goal, Voices’s interactive accent map allows users to experience the dialects of various British regions, while a quiz tests a user’s ear as they’re led through colloquial sayings unique to those locales. Stunning animated videos create an engaging learning opportunity through the retelling of Aesop’s Fables in regional accents: Received Pronunciation (RP), Estuary, Brummie accents, and more.

“The demand for voices with accents and dialects is on the rise, and not just because advertisers are increasingly localizing their ad campaigns,” says Tanya Chopp, Content Marketing Manager at Voices. “According to the American Marketing Association, people are drawn to certain accents because of the cultural associations we have with them – for instance, the perception that a British-English accent like ‘RP’ is posh and upscale. With that in mind, we want to help spread an appreciation for the dozens of regional dialects that make up the misunderstood concept of a ‘British accent.’”

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