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Voices Introduces Translation Services

London, ON | September 12, 2014

With the globalization of business in effect, Voices is now offering translation services for all clients to help translate the creative projects that they use their award-winning site to locate voice over talent for. The new service offering allows businesses to take their key messaging across all borders.

Scripts for voice-over projects can now be translated into over 100 languages and dialects using web-based workflow tools. Communication on projects is improved, making the experience a streamlined, collaborative one. This service is designed to reduce clients’ costs, accelerate turnaround times, and improve the accuracy of translations.

CMO of the Canadian company, Stephanie Ciccarelli, shares the motive behind the new service: “Translation and localization beautifully complement our objective to communicate and share important messages with people in their own languages, in meaningful ways.”

The concept of localization and Voices’s Going Global initiative is the driving force behind the company’s new Translation Services. Using native speakers for translation means that a company can build trust in their messaging when expanding their reach in the global marketplace, and is a practice that is proving to be too important to ignore. This is why Voices actively seeks native speakers of a given language to record the voice-over ensures that the message is presented with accuracy and excellence.

“After receiving constant requests from our clients to localize and translate their scripts, we are pleased to announce translation as part of our service offering,” says Randy Nordgren, Partner Account Manager at Voices. “To this end, we are working alongside a world-class translation firm in an effort to support our clients’ growing needs.”

To translate your voice-over project, visit: /services/translation

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