Company Press Press Releases How Seniors Will Impact Voice Over and Marketing in the Future American Economy

How Seniors Will Impact Voice Over and Marketing in the Future American Economy

London, ON | May 23, 2018

Voices has released industry research that reveals an unprecedented shift in demographic influence. The data comes during Older Americans Month (May). As the largest voice over marketplace in the world, Voices is in a unique position to report on what sort of talent advertisers and producers are seeking, and as a result, which target markets they are addressing.

Titled Marketing in the Future American Economy: Baby Boomers, Aging Millennials and Advertising Strategies, the report explores which industries are anticipated to be affected by the senior demographic shift, including advertising, technology, health care, and education projects, which have all seen an increase in job postings over the past 3 years on the Voices marketplace of 25%, 26%, 100%, and 88% respectively.

The report also reveals which voice over qualities appeal to the senior demographic, and how voice over work could emerge as a viable career option for older Americans, whose vocal qualities may be in higher-demand in the near future as the senior population increases in influence.

“While Millennials are the darlings of the ad trade right now, half of our Boomer population is in retirement, with the other half hoping to retire over the next decade,” says Columbia, South Carolina-based professional voice over actor, Chris Phillips, who has voiced projects for such brands as eBay, GE, the Travel Channel, and Mastercard. “Many seniors are healthier and more financially strong than previous generations. They are strong consumers for upscale real estate, cars, accessories, and trips.”

With reports that 67% of adults ages 65 and older say they go online, and 4 in 10 owning a smartphone, savvy creative professionals are being encouraged to pay attention to this shifting demographic trend now, learning how to adjust messaging and materials to appeal to an older demographic. On this front, voice over will play an essential role, as it has long been a useful tool to increase information retention, encourage audience engagement, and increase accessibility.

“Marketers and advertisers have historically focused on younger demographics while ignoring the old,” says Duncan Stewart, Director of Technology, Media and Telecommunications Research for Deloitte Canada. “Young people are still important in 2018, but reaching and persuading those 65+ is the single biggest opportunity out there.”

Marketing in the Future American Economy: Baby Boomers, Aging Millennials and Advertising Strategies contains a combination of third-party research, observations from Voices’s vast internal data, customer testimonials, and insights from the company’s annual survey of approximately 1,000 creative professionals.

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