Company Press Press Releases Man of 4000 Voices Patrick Fraley to Give Keynote at VoiceWorld Toronto

Man of 4000 Voices Patrick Fraley to Give Keynote at VoiceWorld Toronto

London, ON | March 27, 2013

In a world where the sheer number of opportunities for voice actors never ceases to amaze, VoiceWorld Toronto keynote speaker, Patrick Fraley, will lecture, demonstrate and drag volunteers up on the stage to address voice over skills techniques, methods, mindsets, agendas, procedures, concepts and advantageous tricks that advance the performer’s desire into a world of voice over opportunities. Like getting hired. And making money.

The conference’s stellar lineup of speakers will highlight a variety of avenues for professional voice users and voice actors alike, ranging from the technical to the artistic, from the entrepreneurial to the “out of this world.”

“The Man of Four Thousand Voices,” Patrick Fraley, is slated to present an exciting, original keynote that will provide participants with a whole lot more than they bargained for. In true Pat Fraley style, there will be volunteers brought up to try weird and amazing things with their voices, expertly timed celebrity voice impressions, raw (yet jovially given) honesty and pearls of wisdom from one of the industry’s greatest talent and instructors. Although experience is a good teacher, you’ll agree that the tuition is high. That’s why hearing from experts who have “been there, done that,” is so vitally important to aspiring actors entering the field of voice-over. VoiceWorld Toronto attendees will benefit from decades of insight with this year marking Patrick Fraley’s 40th anniversary performing and teaching.

For full speaker bios and the complete event program, visit Tickets can be purchased until April 30, 2013.

To learn more about VoiceWorld and how to get involved, contact Ashley Davidson of Voices by emailing [email protected] or calling 519-858-5660 ext. 504.

About Patrick Fraley

Patrick Fraley is one of the best and known and respected voice-over people in North America. 2013 marks his 40th year performing and teaching. As a performer, he has created voices for over 4,000 characters, placing him in the top ten of all time to be cast in animated TV shows. As a teacher, Pat has guided more performers into meaningful voice-over careers than anyone in the history of VO Instruction. He lives and works out of Hollywood Heights, California.

For more information, visit his website

About VoiceWorld

VoiceWorld sets out to invigorate and intensify its attendees’ love for the art of voice acting as never before with an action plan that will help established voice talent take their business to the next level. Founded by Voices, VoiceWorld sets out to renew the passion of seasoned professionals and give aspiring voice talent a launching pad to grow, make connections and explore the business of voice acting.

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