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BoomBox Director Explains Importance of Memorable Brand Mnemonic

London, ON | July 26, 2022

With each episode of their Voice Branding podcast, Voices hopes to bring their audience innovative tools and market insights that aren’t being discussed anywhere else. In their latest episode, which has just been released, Voices’ CEO David Ciccarelli welcomes guest speaker Joe Frustaglio from BoomBox.

“I can play you the McDonald’s mnemonic and people will know, without the words and will know exactly what it is,” Frustaglio, the music producer and director for BoomBox explains on the podcast. 

“Having good sonic branding is important and having a good mnemonic. I do think a brand’s message can get stronger if they have someone do it consistently. If they have the same actor, doing the same thing over and over again you get a brand personality. The brand message is clear and consistent.”

Listen to the full episode here:

The new episode, which is called ‘Creative Audio Production with Joe Frustaglio’, talks about sound for advertising, how producing an audio ad differers from TV commercials, and how to ensure the message cuts through regardless of when and where the ad is being heard.

Starting as an intern at a large Toronto studio, to working for the Toronto-based audio house BoomBox Sound as a Voice Director, Music Producer, Composer, and Chief Engineer, Joseph has become a sort of “Jack of all trades” of audio. Understanding all aspects of commercial audio production allows Joseph to hone in on sonic quality and performance to bring a brand’s ideas to life.  And today, he’s joining us on Voice Branding.

Watch the full episode of Voice Branding here:

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