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Joseph Zieja Explodes Onto Voice Over Scene

London, ON | July 14, 2014

Joe Zieja has exploded into the voiceover scene, amassing some 150 clients in 2013 alone and climbing to the top of the Voices rankings.

Completing his service commitment as an officer in the United States Air Force, Joe transitioned to being a contractor in September of 2012. At that time, he was not involved with the voice over industry at all until he became acquainted with Voices on a friend’s recommendation, which served as Joe’s introduction to the industry.

Since joining the voice over giant just over a year ago, Joe has very quickly become a rising star within the industry. After only a few months in the business, he had completed more than 200 jobs, consistently garnering 5-star ratings on his work from the numerous clients he has won over with his work ethic, professionalism, and talent.

“As I started to expand my client base, my income started to outpace my day job. Also, I had been working 16 hour days, trying to maintain both careers, and that just wasn’t the best for my family or my sanity,” the voice over talent reveals.

Upon realizing that his voice over career was taking off and needed to be better balanced, Joe had a frank conversation with his boss about cutting down on hours in order to pursue his newfound success, with the goal of making the complete transition to voice over in the future.

Booking between 50 and 60 spots per month on various platforms, Joe works quite a bit with production studios doing explainer videos for startup companies. He also voices independent movie trailers, toy commercials, and video game spots. Rounding out the impressive workload, Joe has also done five audiobooks in just the last two months, a feat that many in the industry can respect.

The voice over pro also creates custom, original music on demand for his clients from the professional, fully-stocked studio he built in his home.

“When I designed my previous site, my VO career was only a few months old,” Joe says, reflecting on his rapid rise within the industry. “I had developed the brand and the site with the idea that I was going to utilize all of my creative talents at once – writing, music, and voice over. After it became obvious that voice over was by far the strongest of the three, it also became obvious that I needed to rebrand as my site wasn’t getting the kind of traffic and feedback I would have liked.”

Joe took a two-pronged approach to the new site, hiring a web designer and engaging VO talent manager, Celia Siegel, an expert brand-maker and career coach with 15 years in the VO industry. “Together, they helped me figure out where I am and how to get where I want to go.”

The rebranded business was recently launched with the completion of the new Voices By Joe website, at, another milestone in this talent’s impressive climb through the ranks of the voice over world.

For more information, or to hire Joe for an upcoming project, visit his profile with Voices at