Company Press Press Releases Digital Transformation Turns Into the Audio Revolution: 2021 Is the Year of Voices

Digital Transformation Turns Into the Audio Revolution: 2021 Is the Year of Voices

London, ON | February 17, 2021

Voices declares 2021 as the year of the Digital Audio Revolution. 

The experts of the leading voice over provider analyzed the 2020 acceleration of digital business processes, business models, and organizational culture, and identified a voice-first world to arrive in 2021.

David Ciccarelli, founder and Chief Executive Officer at Voices says: “To stand out in a now crowded digital space, and with the growing need for touchless customer journeys, voice identities, sound branding, and voice technology are becoming imperative.”

Why Brands Need to Find Their Voice Now

With a multimedia content strategy, voice can break through the noise. As people experience zoom and webinar fatigue, podcasts and voice-based social media (think Clubhouse) are on the rise. 

While brands react to the higher demand of videos, Ciccarelli explains that “video content is booming, but we need to acknowledge that the real impact is not visual. YouTube is consumed audio-first, often as a player in the background.”

The Age of the Contactless Customer Experience

Voices’ 2021 Annual Trends Report predicts that as the world becomes increasingly touchless, voice technology will be adopted at a faster rate than ever before. Businesses required to follow new health and safety policies will explore touchless technological solutions as they serve customers in a socially-distanced world. 

“A hybrid of human and synthetic voices will empower the Customer Journey, with audio interaction enabled by conversational commerce,” says Ciccarelli

ELearning Content Needs to Perform

The development of eLearning content and virtual training platforms have become a priority for educators and corporations. For the latter, retraining and “upskilling” is an urgent business priority. Educational content needs to be re-evaluated to ensure that it translates into a remote, digital world—and it needs to be scalable.

“Experienced eLearning voice over actors help to command and sustain a learner’s attention and are a key factor for an immersive learning experience,” says Ciccarelli.

Voices in the Digital Audio Revolution: Verbal speech is the most powerful format to deliver information, resolve uncertainty, and to communicate meaning. A provider of voices for businesses large and small, Voices makes top voice actors available remotely.

About Voices
Voices is the largest marketplace for audio and voice over products and services in the world, with over one million members. Since 2005, the biggest and most beloved brands have entrusted Voices to help them find their voice. Headquartered in London, Canada, Voices helps service clients and voice talent in over 160 countries.