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Bob Bergen Guest Stars On Voice Over Experts

London, ON | November 26, 2010

Bob Bergen is an Emmy award nominated voice actor with over twenty-five years in the voiceover industry. Bergen’s impressive resume is a testament to his knowledge of the industry and why is one the most highly respected voice over coaches throughout North America.

Bergen joins Voice Over Experts to discuss “Marketing and Goals” in a wonderful podcast lesson. He explains why setting goals should be the first thing talent do when embarking on a career in voice overs. Bergen sites that generic or non-specific goals will get generic and non-specific results. This is a whirlwind tour of how talent can go from identifying a goal to taking the steps needed to realize that goal.

The Voice Over Experts is hosted by Voices, the online voice over marketplace. The podcasts are an educational library of free voice acting lessons designed for those just starting out and are a treasure trove of resources for established voice actors who want to refine their knowledge and skills from the privacy of their own home and at their own pace.

The Voice Over Experts Podcast can be found in the iTunes Podcast Directory and online at the Voices Podcast Center.

To listen to the “Marketing and Goals”, visit: /podcasts/voiceoverexperts/podcast/voice_over_experts_episode_107

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About Bob Bergen

Bob Bergen has been a working voice-over actor for over 25 years. Since 1990 he’s been honoured to be one of a handful of actors who share voicing the classic Looney Tunes for Warner Brothers, including Porky Pig, Tweety, Sylvester, Jr., Speedy Gonzales, Marvin The Martian, and Henry Hawk. Bob’s voice has been heard in movies such as Space Jam and Looney Toons: Back In Action, to television’s Tiny Toon Adventures and Loonatics, to The Six Flags theme parks, toys, commercials, games, recordings, and more. He’s an Annie Award nominee for playing Porky/Eager Young Space Cadet in the twice Emmy nominated series Duck Dodgers.

About Voices

Based in London, Ontario, Canada; Voices provides a virtual exchange, facilitating business transactions between creative producers and voice-over professionals. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies all rely upon the Voices marketplace to search for, audition and hire voice talents. Companies that have used Voices include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader’s Digest, Comcast, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Nortel, Ford, GM, the US Army, the US Government and more.