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Voices Releases 2016 Outlook on Emerging Voice-Over Trends

London, ON | January 07, 2016

The largest voice-over marketplace in the world, Voices, has released an industry report on the new trends and emerging themes that have impacted the advertising industry in 2015, as well as outlooks for how else the industries will intersect in 2016.

2016 is shaping up to be another year of growth for the voice-over industry. While there is a continuous shift in the types of voices companies are looking for to bring their brands to life, the types of projects they’re leveraging the human voice for are also expanding. Some of the key trends Voices projects for the coming year follow:

  1. Out with the “Announcer”, in with “The Girl/Guy Next Door” sound
  2. Scripts with a more storytelling style
  3. More consideration to accessibility requirements

For more on the 7 trends for 2016, click here.

In addition, Voices released a 2015 report that looks back at voice-over trends in the advertising industry, outlining how advertisers and marketers are using online marketplaces to streamline the voice talent-hiring process. The report is based on the results of a recent research study that included the participation of 609 ad professionals. Key findings in the report include the following:

  • 55% of ad agencies are responsible for sourcing voice-over on behalf of their clients
  • Performance of talent trumps the cost of talent when making a decision for a project
  • 75% of agencies use an online marketplace to find and hire voice-over talent

The report, titled Voice-Over in the Advertising Industry, also reveals how the internet has impacted the creation, curation, and consumption of various types of media, a shift that has affected ad agencies’ work. This report breaks that evolution down.

“As with many industries, new technology has been the biggest catalyst for changes within the advertising world. In this case, it’s how technology and voice-over are intersecting with advertising and marketing campaigns that is the most interesting trend,” says the company’s CEO, David Ciccarelli. “Technologies, like online marketplaces, have revolutionized how producers are locating, auditioning, and paying for voice-over while still receiving high-quality audio offerings, competitive rates, and accessibility to international talent online.” The 2015 report contains insight on the industry as it stands at the end of 2015 and into 2016, and is set to inform campaign trends for the next few years.

The full Voice-Over in the Advertising Industry report can be downloaded here. The infographic on this same report can be viewed here.

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