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"Giving clients more options with things like voice over talent, enable us to do our job far better."

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TopLine Film creates videos that generate leads, go viral, inspire trends, increase landing page conversions and make candidates clamor to apply for jobs. That’s why they were named on Clutch’s list of the UK’s top video production companies in 2021. When you work with TopLine Film, you get a creative video production company that makes content with real impact.

TopLine offers video production for animation, corporate videos, brand videos, event videos, social videos, promotional videos, TV advertisements, video strategy, virtual reality and educational videos. 

At TopLine, they have three offices in the UK: London, Leeds and Manchester and have a team in Cape Town, South Africa. Thirty percent of their clients are international, Europe and the U.S., 70% of their clients are based in the UK. Their audiences are 70% global.

Using Voices for Results-Driven Videos

“Our whole premise is making videos that focus on results. It’s not just video for the sake of doing a pretty video. We are video strategists.”

Jamie Field, Managing Director of video production company TopLine Film, takes his role as a results-driven, video strategist very seriously. 

He and his team trust Voices to help them deliver on that promise.

“We started using Voices a year ago and I actually discovered them through a marketing campaign that I clicked on,” Field explains.

“We had always gone with the same approach of using agencies but they would always funnel us into the voice talent that they manage, and their accents and options were limited,” he said. “But since we started using Voices, I haven’t looked back.”

Field said there are three major benefits for TopLine to use Voices over agencies: Firstly, he loves that jobs can be wrapped up in a day.

“24 hours, I typically get 75 voice over applications. It’s just nuts and honestly super impressive,” Field said. This coming from a video production house that has made over 2,000 videos; over half of which used voice overs.

Field also appreciates that he can request the talent to do readings, as he said he’s found many agencies are a bit reluctant to offer a reading.

Finally, he loves that he can choose a fixed budget or specific price range.

“Giving clients more options with things like voice over talent, enable us to do our job far better. This means we can do regional campaigns and find really clever talent to do it. It’s a service that helps us make better videos and ultimately do a better job for our clients.”

Field said he’s never struggled to find any accent that they’re looking for.

“I think it shows how international of a tech company Voices is; I didn’t even know you were a Canadian tech company.”

Field noted he’s currently training new producers on the Voices platform.

“We always tell people we use,” Field said with a grin at the desk of his London, England head office.

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