Original Grain Case Study

Finding Original Grain’s brand voice through Voices was just like clockwork.

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Original Grain uses reclaimed wood to produce truly unique, handcrafted watches. Each wrist piece blends stainless steel with sustainable hardwood from whiskey barrels, seats from world famous baseball stadiums, or forests around the world. With a focus on outstanding craftsmanship, Original Grain watches are a modern take on a classic accessory.

Before Voices

Original Grain’s Creative Director, Jose Coli, takes a great deal of pride in presenting the company’s product visually. It can be difficult to describe to someone what one of their unique watches looks like, so putting them in front of a camera helps the consumer decide which product might look best on them. So, Original Grain’s YouTube account has dozens of videos, detailing the different types of watches, how they came up with each idea, and the techniques that go into making them.

To tell Original Grain’s brand story and evoke the type of person they are targeting, voice has become an important facet. When juggling scripting, video editing, direction, and music selection, finding a voice can be left until the last minute. Also, depending on the timeline of the video, Jose’s search for the right voice could take him a week or longer.

“I like to think that Original Grain is a modern organic brand, with a fashion-forward aesthetic. We combine nature’s finest materials to make a unique piece that is both beautiful and functional. It’s important that we have a representative brand voice.”
Jose Coli, Creative Director, Original Grain

When brainstorming ideas for voice talent for a recent Original Grain video, Jose knew he wanted a more dependable solution for sourcing talent, one that would give him time to produce brand-appropriate content while also speaking directly to the target demographic.


After listening to a podcast that Voices was featured on, Original Grain Co-Founder Ryan Beltran felt compelled to tell Jose and the Marketing team about the possibilities of finding their brand voice.

At the time, Jose was working on a new project for Original Grain’s brewmaster collection, so he decided to give Voices a try to source talent for the video. For it, Jose wanted to speak to the male, 25-34 year-old demographic that they covet.

“We wanted a voice that seemed more realistic to our demographic. The video was for our brewmaster collection – made with reclaimed German beer barrel wood. We wanted a voice that represented that spirit.”
Jose Coli, Creative Director, Original Grain

Working with an account manager, Jose provided a script and direction as to what they were looking for. Immediately, the account manager returned with 40 auditions, which were narrowed down to the top candidates for the job. Once Jose hired a voice actor he was happy with, he received high-quality audio files in 24 hours.

Searching for voice talent used to take Jose up to a week to find the perfect voice. With Voices, his team was able to finish the project in 2-3 days without worrying about recording times, juggling schedules, managing payment, and getting pickups re-recorded. For Jose, finding Original Grain’s brand voice through Voices was like clockwork.

Top Outcomes

  • 40 auditions to choose from
  • Voice talent represented the male, 25-34 demographic and matched the theme of the ad
  • High-quality recordings received in 24 hours
  • Project completed in less than 72 hours
  • Streamlined approach allowed Jose to focus on larger tasks

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