Baby Step Case Study is able to maintain a high speed of video production while working across different time zones.

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Becoming a parent raises so many questions! Every parent wants to be sure they are being the best mum or dad, and seek out advice wherever they can. This is where comes in. Guiding parents, step-by-step, from their child’s birth until their first birthday, these videos answer not just caregivers’ questions, but raise issues many may never have thought about.’s service provides high-quality video tutorials based on research available in a variety of languages on platforms including their own mobile app. Each 1-minute video provides a clear and practical tip.

Before Voices

Finding great voice-over talent is essential to the success of’s video content. The company’s platform provides advice for parents about child development, and so the voice must be authoritative and at the same time speak as one parent to another.

“Ensuring high standards across 13 languages and thousands of videos is a challenging task. Prior to our successful cooperation with Voices, we sourced voice talent on different freelance web sites, such as Upwork, Elance, and Managing both the voice talent and those reviewing their work became increasingly time-consuming and expensive, so we began to seek a reliable partner who could ensure top quality results.”
Ivan Solovyev, Country Manager China at

The talent needed to meet a list of requirements beyond the obvious need for an attractive rendition of the script. For example, the talent had to fit within strict time limits, as a single minute video for the platform usually had at least three time stamps. Moreover, did not have all the resources in-house to check the quality of every single video in each language. “Managing the project and keeping quality high required increasingly higher budgets and investments of our time,” Ivan says. “We thus began to seek a reliable partner who could ensure top quality results.”


Upon signing up with Voices and posting their first job, was paired with their own set of Project Managers to serve as an extension of their team. “These people worked hard to understand our needs and requirements. Accommodating our need to work across different time zones, they provided us with 24/7 support and responded quickly to new requests.” The Voices Project Managers used Voices’s established base of voice talent to provide the best custom auditions available and quality-checked each completed video ensuring all requirements were always met. The result has been that voice-overs for thousands of videos in 13 languages are on time, on budget, and generating great feedback.

“Working with Voices has allowed us to maintain a high speed of video production, while keeping our attention on the big picture. We’ve been able to do all of this without getting bogged down in one part of the production process – albeit a highly important one. Since entrusting our voice-overs to Voices, our production and translation teams have been able to dramatically cut the amount of time managing the voice-over process without compromising on quality.”
Ivan Solovyev, Country Manager China at

Top Outcomes

  • Reduced time on internal management
  • Decreased overall project costs
  • Professional support for each audio file in 13 languages
  • Quick and efficient selection of the best talent
  • Successful realization of’s needs

Thanks to Voices, received up to 91 voice-overs a day in 13 languages. We provided Ivan and his team with 3 talent per language, meaning at least 39 voice talent involved in the project at any one time. is planning to increase their production levels and aims to produce 10 to 15 videos a day per language, needing 130 to 195 voice-overs a day for their various videos.

An example of English and Vietnamese voice talent for the same video:

“Since the start … Voices has impressed us with the quality of their results and the speed of their delivery…they are a key partner in our work. Our project managers have provided us with access to great voiceover talent [and] ensure that each video’s voice-over is of the highest standard in each of the required languages. We are grateful for the support provided by Voices. We can see the success of their work in the feedback and ratings of viewers.”
Ivan Solovyev, Country Manager China at

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